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So here is an article recently published by Forbes.com where they relate things websites should do to improve Conversion Rates.


1 Click Analytics, as a company that is dedicated to the practice of conversion optimization, as soon as the Google alert popped up in my email I gave the article are read. Surprised by the content or lack there of i read it again.

Firstly what the article touches on is not bad or incorrect information, some of the ideas touched upon are standard best practices and I would never want to infer that they hurt conversion rates because I dislike the article.

The reason for my unwillingness to embrace and article with some good information in it, is because in my opinion the article is fundamentally flawed in the approach it suggests to increase conversions. Mostly because it fails to directly address the truly most important thing in any conversion scenario, the consumers.

What the article talks about is window dressing and parlor tricks while analytic insights (hard science) is barely discussed when it appears at the end of this long article. If the title had been “Secondary changes to further optimize conversions” I would have applauded the number of ideas put forth. But the article focuses on plain usability techniques with very little substance as a main solution to improve conversions.

You could all these “tricks” and i would guarantee that 1 Click Analytics conversion optimization methods would beat those 9 out of 10 for the simple reason that tailored messages speak to the consumer where as “tricks” speak at the consumer. Tailored messages dramatically increases engagement and at the end of the day a conversion is an emotional decision for a consumer. The question asked of the individual in conversion scenarios is “Is the reward worth me giving up my personal information” and in some cases it may be personal information and a monetary component. So while button placement and page speed plays a factor, how your website engages the consumer is much more important to the eventual outcome.

Without addressing the emotional core of every consumer decision that occurs on the internet environment how can true conversion optimization occur?

To take artistic licence to James Carville’s famous quote “Its about the Consumers Stupid”

If you want results start at the true source, the consumers. AB testing is a great method to see what makes consumers tick but tailored messaging and specific content again increases engagement and builds trust with the consumer and ultimately provides the best movement in the Conversion Optimization needle.